Why 6th year/form students should act now – 7 steps to making the right choice

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Don’t wait,  do it now;

It will be Christmas before you know it.
The university college application deadlines follow quickly after that.
And then you’re into exam mode…

Open Day season is now running so;

  • Start with what you think interests you most,  and review how it relates to your strengths/talents and what you’d like to be good at and/or skills you’d like to acquire – if you’re not sure what you’d prefer ask your family, friends, take interest/aptitude tests, talk to your Guidance Counsellor
  • Decide if you prefer an applied/career focused  or a theoretical/academic course – broad open ended or definite
  • Find out where you can do it
  • Check out their Open Day website for scheduled talks & tours – Plan your day to ensure you get the most from it
  • Organise your own visit if your school isn’t doing one – it’s up to you
  • Review the online course info and jot down anything you’re unsure about – you will want these to be answered at the open day
  • Share your insights with your family & friends to clarify your feelings about your choices

To help you do this there are many course & career websites – save yourself time and be very specific when using  unibrowse, qualifax, eunicas, & careersportal, onetonline, etc

Do yourself a favour, get stuck into the task now.  Get informed & set yourself a definite goal.  It’s time to get ready.

You’ll feel better, more determined and in control of your own destiny

CAO review time

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caoSuccess Failure






  1. Decision making is a mix of emotion and information – you need to know what you’re letting yourself in for and it has to feel right.caocao
  2. Once you decide on your 1st choice be consistent with your 2nd & 3rd preferences, etc – make them similar to your 1st.
  3. There are always alternate routes – use some of the remaining options as alternative routes to your main goal.  In past years approx 1000 students with over 500 points were left with no college/university offers because they picked just a few highly competitive courses with no back-up plans.
  4. Be smart, make sure you also have one insurance option.
  5. Remember to check that you meet any special entry requirements – if you don’t have these then choose an alternate route.
  6. If you’re stuck then ask for help or if would like to have a chat just give me a call.
  7. Lastly be optimistic – you live and work with your choices so choose for you.

10 tips for choosing your Leaving Cert subjects


  1. Be interested.

    If you enjoy doing something, you will ultimately do it well.  Pick subjects that you have liked, enjoyed and shown an enthusiasm for.  So often you can pick a subject because of the teacher, maybe you like them or hear they are good, but it might not be the subject you would enjoy the most.  Although a teacher or parent’s input is very important, you are going to be the one who has to do the subject.  So make sure you are interested in learning that subject. It makes your chances of success far greater.

  2. Be Brave.

    Sometimes the easy choices are not the right ones.  If you have an interest in a career or course area which involves a particular subject you consider challenging, be brave and take it now.  A lot of students make the mistake of choosing just one science subject.  If you like science, be smart, keep your options open and take a second one.  This doesn’t mean that you are choosing a science based career at this stage, but you will be better prepared to make that decision if you eventually do.  For example, it would be advisable to take Maths & Physics for engineering but it’s essential to have Honours Chemistry for Nutrition & Dietetics.  Be brave now. Read the rest of this entry »

You can’t enjoy life without skills

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There’s immense pleasure to be had from acquiring skills, in learning how to do anything well.
Life is enhanced & fulfilling by learning the discipline of a skill, even though it often takes a lot of time & effort.

To be happy,
is to be able to develop your skills, talents & intelligences
in a endeavor, career or course based on the learning that interests you most.
Identify your preferences & strengths to make smarter choices.

Mid-term Career Guidance course for students

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With limited availability

please call to discuss options –

Course detail here


New Dublin office

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We’re back in Dublin

– please call for details & appointment

The Art of Choosing

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Why choosing can be so confusing when thrust on those who aren’t prepared

– talk on The Art of Choosing by Sheena Iyengar

What would you really like to do if money were no object

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Wonderful inspirational & encouraging, thought-provoking talk on choosing, by Alan Watts

Thinking of your CAO – UCAS – EUNICAS options; – you need to

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  • Be informed – good decision making is a blend of Emotion & the right Information.
  • Tell your family & friends about your choices –  the more you explain and talk, the clearer you (and they) will be that you’re heading in the right direction.
  • Choose for you –  try to picture yourself on your favourite course.   If you’re happy you’re more likely to be motivated regardless of where your friends are.
  • Be optimistic and real – go for your dream choice and have back-up plans which may get you to the same goal via a different route.
  • Be true  –  knowing your preferences and how these tie-in to your talents & strengths is the key to making the right choice for you.


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Sadly I must announce that Tom Casey passed away peacefully on Monday 18th November.

He will be greatly missed;

Tom B&W 2