Assessment & Interview for School Students with Verbal Report to Parents

Our bespoke service is Intensive, Comprehensive & Confidential and can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Options :

  • Individual solo day course; Interview, Learner Preferences, Aptitudes & Multiple Intelligences Assessments, 2 hour Verbal Report & discussion with Parent/Guardian   Book Now
  • Group 11/2 day course, Multiple Intelligences Development Assessment, 2 hour Interview & 2 hour Verbal Report & discussion with Parent/Guardian – Limited to 6 people   Book Now
  • Group 11/2 day course, 2 hour Interview & 1 hour Verbal Report to Parent/Guardian on second day   Book Now


Our System of Guidance over Individual 1 day or Group 11/2 day course comprising;

First Full day: Small mixed group of students.

  • How to choose a career & course.
  • Multiple Intelligences assessment taken online prior to first day (if selected)
  • Personal profile session to explore experiences, interests, skills & talents.
  • Aptitude test sessions to identify their thinking and learning strengths.
  • Overview of all areas of Learning and the link with careers, followed by
  • Career Indicator – opportunity to identify a number of careers which seem attractive. These will be discussed at the follow up interview.

Interview half day – Individual follow up:

  • Discussion with student on interests, activities, ambitions and experiences. Comprehensive review of all areas of learning to explore and identify preferred Third Level & Training Options plus guidance on how to research and understand these. Feedback on their aptitudes (& MIDAS multiple intelligences development assessment, if selected) – these will be related to identified options. All this occurs in the first two hours.
  • Parent or guardian then invited to join us for a Verbal Report on the emerging options & targets, aptitude results (& MIDAS if selected). Followed by Questions and Answer session.

The Verbal Report and Q&A session, plus memo notes on Learning Interests, Identified Options & Targets action plan and tasks will be in lieu of any written report.


NB. Please note: On making a booking for your son or daughter you indicate your consent to the above.   BOOK NOW