6 things to remember about your CAO choices

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  1. It’s your choice – You live & work with your decisions.
  2. Be consistent – if you want something be it Engineering/PE/Arts/etc then put all available courses one after the other in your preferred order.  Don’t hop from one type to something different as it suggests you’re not sure what you’re letting yourself in for.
  3. Put down your 1st preference –  then pick alternative routes to the same end goal,  eg  if you want Medicine but don’t get it then a good alternative might be BioMedical/Medical/MedLab Science or, Physiology/Anatomy/Biochemistry taken in a broad omnibus Science degree or, a Health Science course.  The same goes for all other courses.
  4. Check that you meet any special requirements – such as a specific minimum grade in a particular subject, etc.  There’s no point in selecting a course that you’re not eligible for.
  5. Do a final check for any new courses in your preferred area – the CAO post all additions/amendments on their website.
  6. Remember, decision making is a mix of information & emotion. It’s your choice.

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