A few things to consider about your Uni/College choices

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  • Choose for you, forget about others for now;  Try to imagine yourself doing your preferred course, if you’re happy in the course you’re doing you are more likely to be motivated and successful regardless of where your friends are – you will still meet up socially and remember in order to be successful you must create new friendships wherever you go in life, so start now.
  • If the financial reality is that you cannot attend a preferred course in a specific uni/college  then choose something similar which you can do now and see it as a route to moving on & upwards to your dream choice at a later stage.
  • Be consistent in your choices;  if you don’t get your preferred option directly, what alternate courses could you take to get to the same end goal?  There are always alternative routes…
  • Be Optimistic and Realistic;  go for your dream choice and have back-up plans if that doesn’t work out.
  • Discuss your options with your family, friends, guidance counsellor & related subject teacher.  The more you talk about, explain & articulate you choice and your reasoning the more you’re likely to be heading in the right direction.  You will be clearer and more focused.
  • Be informed.  Decision making is a blend of the right information, self knowingness & emotion
  • Be true to you;  knowing your particular learning preferences, yourself and how these build on your unique talents & strengths is the key to making the right choice.

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