What’s the use of an Arts based, Humanities or Social sciences degree?

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What could it possibly lead to?  Well you …
  • are encouraged to think for yourself
  • learn to present particular information and argue or write about it
  • learn how to evaluate evidence & we know there can be several different aspects and angles to look at any event
  • learn how to use libraries properly (information systems – digital &  physical)
  • learn to understand the smart economy not just technologically but the cognitive smart economy
  • study subjects that teaches the skills we need in civilised society
  • seriously interrogate what’s before you and learn to think for yourself
  • learn the life of the Ordinary People
  • ultimately prepare yourself for independent life-long learning in any career you pursue

The value of an Arts Degree?  –  It is flexible and it can take you anywhere – just look at some of the people who have come up via an Arts degree – starting  with US President Barack Obama, Musician & Producer Fat Boy Slim, Financier George Soros, Writer & Orator Oscar Wilde and so many others.

adapted & amended from:    “Miriam Meets” RTE Radio1Interview with Historian Diarmuid Ferriter and Archivist Caitriona Crowe    c04/10/09.

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