CAO choices bothering you, with exams about to start

If your teen can’t resolve their choices by this Saturday, that’s ok and it’s quite normal.

It’s time for them to be uni-focal by ignoring all distractions, limiting/excluding social-media usage and just concentrating on the task at hand. Get them to set the whole issue aside until the exams over – by then everything will look differently and they’ll have time to focus on college and career preferences.

Now is the time to be single-minded about preparation for the exams. To do this they must focus on work and block out anything that’s not essential to the task at hand – prioritize their time for study, but do include some exercise, a little socialising, and enough sleep.

When the exams are over then they should focus solely on finalizing their choices by researching and talking through their preferences with whoever is helping them (most need hands on help). And remember it’s not for ever, it’s only for the next phase of their life.

It’ll all be over soon and hopefully the sun will arrive for a good summer

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