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What would you really like to do if money were no object

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Wonderful inspirational & encouraging, thought-provoking talk on choosing, by Alan Watts

Parents DIY Career Guidance course – how to help your son or daughter make the right choice

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  • First principles on How to Choose a career or a university/college course
  • How to make sense of the huge range of courses
  • The key to understanding and interpreting their talents, Multiple Intelligences and Aptitude Strengths
  • How to relate their strengths to their interests
  • Recognising their preference for Learning so they can do something they’d love

Good example of Kinaesthetic & Spatial Intelligence

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Just read the obituary of the stuntman Irishman Martin Grace (James Bond & Indiana Jones movies) and it made me think about which intelligences he based his career on.  It’s obvious that the main intelligences for a successful career as a stuntman are bodily KINAESTHETIC and SPATIAL.

In any career you will use a number of your intelligences but probably build on 2 or 3 more than the others.  One of the keys in choosing a career is understanding your multiple intelligences and how to build on your strengths for a successful career.