Casey Career Consultancy Brochure


Casey Career Consultancy Brochure

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  1. Mike Gilligan

    Just turned 47,lots of life experience in construction,quarrying as a self employed successful businessman ,totally wiped out by recession.Fixing washing machines now for a living,stuck in rut,hungry to succeed in life again but need guidance,ideas,a goal to achieve,my imagination rekindled,a driven person need a focus for that drive.
    Just read your Webpage and had a sudden moment of hope,maybe you can help me out of this fog.
    Mike Gilligan

    • Joe

      Hi Mike,

      It looks like my reply didn’t go out to you.

      Perhaps you could give me a call to discuss your needs.


  2. Mary Scarry

    Can you please forward me on a careers consultancy brochure

  3. Thank you for spending some time to post “Casey Career Consultancy Brochure

  4. Janet

    Looking to get advice for my niece who is sitting leaving cert this year and is so confused on courses to choose next year

    • Joe

      Hi Janet, could you call directly to discuss your needs – Joe

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