what good is a degree – know the issues

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You may have a good idea what you’re going for but have you thought everything through, the why? Remember to consider the following:

What’s influencing you choice, how do you like to learn? Are you more;

  • Idealistic               or          Realistic20131103-111415-a.m..jpg
  • Academic             or          Vocational
  • Theoretical           or          Applied
  • For the Joy of Learning   or  for learning focused on the Job/Career
  • If you’d mostly prefer those on the left it might indicate a broad open ended course or would you be best suited to those on the right with a definite more practical or professional qualification

Don’t forget to consider other things like;

  • Does the course include an internship or period of work experience and, what will you get from it
  • What specific degree outcomes are available
  • Will you have to do further studies or a postgrad course to make yourself employable
  • If so what are the most likely pg options and what grade of degree is required
  • On completion what specific career paths are open to you

Tease out these issues, talk them over and you’ll make a better choice.

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