Take MIDAS: Multiple Intelligences Developmental Assessment

As part of our Career Guidance programme I would like to invite you to do a personal development questionnaire called the MIDAS. You do it on your computer at home, privately and you will get the results during the interview session.

Please note this is not a psychological assessment of your intelligence. It measures your understanding of your strengths/talents/interests – your intellectual disposition.

All you have to do is Log in, read the instructions and proceed. It requires Basic Computer Skills and most people seem to complete it in 30-40 minutes. It is important that you have no distractions. You will need to take it in one sitting.

When you have logged in please make any corrections, add any missing details. You will then be given full instructions on the questionnaire.

Please try to avoid using the ‘I don’t know’ option if possible – if it is used too much it may make the results unreliable.

Please complete it before your appointment and preferably when you’re relaxed & alert.

It is important that the answer to each question comes from you.  Ensure your answers are true to your feelings.

When you are finished you can log off. The Multiple Intelligences profile will be presented to you during your final interview. Your right to confidentiality means that along with us only you will have access to your profile/data (if you are a young person it will also be shared with your parent/guardian).

Please contact me if you have any problems. I hope you enjoy the MIDAS and look forward to meeting you.

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